Patrick James Duffy


Big Futures Inc.

Patrick James Duffy is co-founder of Big Futures Inc., and is an internationally acclaimed speaker, facilitator and coach.  He is the architect of The Moon Project®, an innovative leadership coaching and organizational development program designed to help individuals and corporate teams achieve their vision and goals in order to reach their “Big Futures.” The Moon Project® Documentary Films Series and related learning products and programs are a direct result of the insights, accumulated learning and client achievements he has experienced throughout the last 30 years.

Patrick currently provides organizational development strategies and leadership coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs in many diverse industries. Patrick continues to develop and implement leading-edge learning materials designed to help leaders focus their vision, strategy and plan and enhance their leadership spirit, character, relationship skills and imagination.

Patrick has worked in the field of visionary leadership, effective management and leadership coaching throughout his adult life.  As a direct result of his keen and enduring interest in Leadership, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. Patrick’s clients consider him a valued member of their corporate team and depend on his assistance to resolve a host of both internal and external challenges as they move toward their chosen path and future.  As a highly creative, thoughtful and enthusiastic individual, Patrick is valued by his clients for his ability to create innovative solutions to position themselves and their organizations for sustainable dynamic and effective development and growth while building organizational leadership capability.

In addition to The Moon Project® Program, Patrick co-authored the book, “Pathway to Freedom”.  Published in 1996, this book provides a roadmap for individuals and organizations who choose to be entrepreneurial in spirit and in action. Resides in Edmonton Canada.